About SoccerBall:

Soccerball is a multiplayer online football game. To increase leagues and to be able to upgrade your player you must win games against other players. You can create teams of up to 4 friends and compete against other teams.


1/ Use your keyboard's directional arrows to move your player.

2/ Press the space bar to shoot when you have the ball.

3/ Press X to pass the ball to a teammate when he lights up.

4/ Press Z to use your boosts. You have to wait a while before being able to use two boosts in a row. Use them wisely!

5/ First to score 4 goals with a 2 point lead wins the game.

6/ Buy upgrades with coins gained from passing levels and from tournaments to improve your player’s skills.

Playing as guest:

You need to login in order to use boosts, add friends and create teams.